Ciklomen Group spearheads process solutions for construction and reconstruction of all non-ferrous metal processing, based on superior cost and quality ratio, offering best in class international equipment for a wide variety of mineral processing applications.

Ciklomen leads technology solutions and services for the processing of zinc, lead, copper and silver at key stages in the value chain from ore to the high quality concentrate. Ciklomen provide energy-efficient and cost-effective methods based on extensive partners’ R&D and process equipment, together with life cycle services, which ensure sustainable long-term operations.

PRODUCTION | construction and reconstruction of flotation facilities

Ciklomen results range from equipment to complete production plants, always tailor-made to the customer’s needs. Ciklomen competitive edge is based on our extensive mineral processing experience in the Balkans region, combined with recognized technologies. Comprehensive process and industry knowledge with dozens of partners, projects completed and projects in development, owned by Ciklomen Group, and projects implemented for external partners enable us to be a unique strategic partner for any customer in the region and beyond.

Ciklomen’s expertise comes from of R&D Centers of Novosibirsk State Technical University, Beijing University of Technology, and Qingdao Technological University is applied in designing the solutions. These University-based research facilities have state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot plants for the most demanding testwork purposes in minerals processing and extractive metallurgy.

Ciklomen’s capability to combine process and automation design is used at the mines owned and operated by the group, with minerals processing technology that has been developed to produce concentrates of every category with maximum efficiency. We have lead the design and installed some of the world’s most efficient and reliable equipment for Ciklomen and partners. Ciklomen has the ability to provide integrated process design and deliver processing plants with almost any level of efficiency based on customer needs, offering technically, economically, and environmentally sustainable solutions.

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